About the Story and About the Author

About the Story

The Facebook Monkey’s Story first came into existence the Summer of 2010 as an experiment in serialized fiction through a social media outlet such as Facebook.

The original plan was to release a 420 character update to the story five days a week, Monday through Friday. This plan worked until October of 2010 when the author’s laptop decided to fry its own harddrive. A three month hiatus occurred until the author was fed up and began to write entries first on paper and then transcribe them to Facebook status updates as before. Because of this gap in the story the author decided to release more than one entry a day so that the story might finally be finished. Still a few more months passed until the story reached its end.

The author has been in process of making changes and grammatical repairs for this, the collected story. The story is still a work in progress and continues to evolve past its original experimental form but still, the story as it existed originally entry by entry may be found here and enjoyed.

The author asks that you, the reader, may find The Monkey’s Myth fictional character at www.facebook.com/MonkeyMyth and hit that LIKE button! Please. The author will like you right back.


February 6th, 2012

An amendment by the author: In keeping with the growing understanding of personal mythmaking the author has decided to rename this story as The Monkey’s Myth. This will also allow the author to avoid reference to Facebook, which while being an excellent social media outlet has no affiliation with either the author or his work.


About the Author

David Nathaniel Rahaim has been exploring the vast world of the written word and its myriad possibilities for nigh fifteen years. It all started with a teenage broken heart and some terrible poetry. Since then it has perhaps evolved into nothing more than a waste of human will and energy but still has born some occasional albeit beautiful soul fruit.

The author leaves the comfort of his heart’s doorway daily to travel into this wide world of poetic expression and yet, even now, he feels as though he hangs around his doorstep, perhaps taking a look at pillbugs and ants toiling in the dust of his yard.

Still, he pushes forward into the bramble and tangle of the mind, the heart, the soul and comes back sometimes with shining gems and long lost artifacts.

The written word (and all artistic expression) is at heart an athropological undertaking. There is not much more than the understanding of humanity through human expression. We are what we are because we are (human).

So journey now with David. Put your feet into your traveling shoes, take up a bag, a pen, a paper and move into a world of possibility, much like the eternity we rush toward in life.

There is beauty out there, and horror, but we must not shrink from this journey for if we do we shrink from ourselves and what we hope to become.