A Brief Thank You and Welcome.

by DavidNRahaim

It has taken not a few years to collect myself into a package tight enough as to offer myself back to the society that so long has fostered my growth but now that I recognize certain grace-given skills, interests and principles within myself I find I can do nothing but fully commit myself to you all as you have always done for me.

If perhaps you are at all as I am you wake morning after morning, motivate yourself for the day ahead, drink your coffee, read your news source, worry ever so slightly over bills and prospects, wonder at the state of our country and our world, ponder over or ignore whatever new developments occurred during the night, and then proceed outward to handle the inevitable business of daily life. All the while there sits some unnamed nagging in the back of your mind or your heart.

I myself wonder what it will take to reverse the trends of governmental impotence, economic instability, corporate negligence, and societal erosion. These are not issues far removed from our daily reality; or perhaps they are too removed. They certainly have influence upon our day-to-day even as we cannot qualify or quantify how they do so.

More and more do we find we can no longer ignore what we cannot completely see or understand. A gap widens and continues to widen between what any one person can integrate into daily life and what actually has impact upon their daily life. This is not as it was in the past. This is not due to the natural complexity of the universe we have always found ourselves within. That complexity has and always will be handled by what we call “G_D” or the Divine Nature.

This gap we find ourselves straddling now is entirely upon our own heads and due in large part to the machinations of our minds and wills. It is we who have created the system that now threatens to tear us apart. We have created the concepts of money, state, prestige and globalization. We have created concepts that are too grand, too heavy for any one of us to operate effectively. We have becomes slaves to our own concepts of how the world should be.

Perhaps it is in the DNA of mankind to make his self slave to his creations. We created the myth of the lesser gods to grant ourselves power over the elements but then forgot the nature of our creations only to spend countless generations in subservience to them. Now I ask; have we done so again?

If I desire any one thing for humanity I desire that we again take responsibility for ourselves. I desire to have a hand dismantling the walls between our parts that have been erected over the ages.

As the wall of Berlin fell, as the Iron Curtain tore, as the Bamboo Curtain splintered, as the barbed wire of concentration camps across Europe (and here at home in the US of A for the American Japanese) rolled back, as the hundreds of miles of concrete, chain link and Semitic prejudice should now crumble between the beleaguered Palestinians and their Israeli neighbors and brothers so too do I wish to see the walls fall that stand between our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls. And not only between our parts but from between our whole beings and this vast world around us; that which we have created and that which we have not.

I must add that mutually respected boundaries are good and necessary. We exist as both humanity and as human individuals. These two modes of being, while different, are inseparable. I do not wish to dispel these natural boundaries but rather to uncover the artifices that keep us isolated, afraid and defensive. This is the difference between the concepts of sacred and profane space (a discussion for a later entry).

I have placed a long and arduous project before us and it is one I perhaps will see little progress toward within my lifetime. Perhaps it is a project that is impossible before the ends of time and space but still, I dream of free communication and cooperation. I dream of the end to greed and tyranny and fear and so I must do my small part toward that end.

It is with that goal in mind that I take a first step forward with this blog. I intend it to be a discussion of the interplay between spirituality (the workings of the soul), philosophy (the workings of the mind), and politics (the workings of the body). I intend to find the lines between these spheres; that which defines them as they are and that which unifies them as conceptual realities.

It is for you I do this and without you I cannot hope to accomplish a single thing. I welcome comments, suggestions and opposing view points. I cannot hope to know more without knowing you. I do hope there will be no subject we cannot breach and I plan to assemble as much information and as many ideas as I can upon these digital pages.

Thank you again for your contribution to this life we live. I am excited to see what will come to pass.