The Transmutation of the Temple for the Facilitation of the return of All to G_D and G_D to All in Perfect Communion

One concept should be kept in mind throughout the following discourse. It is the concept that the entirety of the universe we find ourselves within is ultimately aligned to give Glory to its Creator, that of Divine Will, that which we call G_D, the UnNamed and UnNamable.

Therefore, the following process in effect transforms the course to fine, lead to gold, poison to nectar.

No man-made (or nature-made) holy site should be considered fully Holy because it can only be an earthly approximation of a perfect alignment with Divine Will.

No one step in the process is the whole of the process and so no one step can be considered the culmination of the process except one.

The exception to this previous statement is the manifestation of Divine Will upon Earth, the paradoxical Christ-figure that is both fully Man and God.

Thus the process begins.

In the beginning we are told we lived in perfect alignment with the Divine Will, the Nature of G_D. G_D was everywhere and we were everywhere with G_D. This is our concept of Eden. This is our concept of ideal existence and though some of us may insist the return to such time is only dependent upon the realization that we never left the fact remains quite clear that we do not now exist as we ideally wish. At some point an event occurred that estranged our conscious will from the Divine Will. At the very least in regards to our concept of reality we were cast out of Eden.

The first step in a process to restore our communion with the Divine Will was the creation of sacred space: sacred fires, sacred trees, sacred stones, sacred groves, etc. This sacred space creation culminated in the fashioning of the Israelite Tabernacle, a mobile site of sacred communion with the Divine. The intent behind the Tabernacle was to move about freely, carrying with it a tangible link to Divine Nature, even if such a link was hedged by protective rituals (as all sacred sites must be). Where originally Sacred Communion was accessible everywhere now it would be accessible everywhere that the Tabernacle travelled, a mobile site of fixed sacred nature.

The second step in the process was to solidify the prominence of such a sacred site for all the disparate nations of the world. Where before the intent was to bring the sacred site to the people now the intent was to bring the people to the sacred site. Thus was the Temple fashioned, an elegant earthly representation of the Divine cosmic structure. It is worth noting this cosmic structure is that from which humans feel separated and such separation is manifested even in the divine space, through prescribed ritual and separation from the holy of holy space. The site of Sacred Communion became a fixed point, as the pinnacle of a mountain viewed by all the world even as that pinnacle was shrouded in the clouds.

The third step in the process took the form of a man, that of Jeshua, Christ Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God. Such a claim takes faith and some acceptance of many disparate stories; some more mythically based than others, but the concept still stands despite or because of the Christ based religions. The concept is this; that a physical man paradoxically took both his human elements and divine elements and unified them by love through his death to self so that all others might follow in his footsteps if they so believe. The story of the Temple Curtain ripping top to bottom at the moment of his death upon the cross is very telling as it symbolizes the breakdown of the synthetic barrier between man and G_D, the realm of physical existence and divine reality. Through such sacrifice did the Temple tear up its physical roots and transplant itself within the Christ figure so that it might move about once more, a mobile sacred site to facilitate the worship of all men. It is also worth noting Christ’s comments about the destruction and rebuilding of the Temple, not as a physically dominating place but as transformation of the spirit.

The fourth and final step in the process and the step still ongoing today is that of the Temple of Christ and its construction within all who would believe. It was already stated that Christ internalized the Temple, thus making it mobile once more. Now through those who follow in his path the Temple spreads out across the whole globe, not as a place where people come to worship but as a concept that worship may be done within all believers. In this way the entire earth may once again exist in communion with Divine Will through the multitude of believers.

Are we at this point yet? We are not but that should spur us onward with utmost diligence to do the work we feel called to do. It must become less about religion and dogma and more about the process of our transformation into Christ-like beings. Most of all we must recognize our unity through love and the figure of Christ so that we may dismantle the power bases that would shape the world through war and strife.

It is not for our own Glory that we feel compelled to do so. Rather, it is for the Glory of our Lord, the Creator of all the Cosmos and Beyond.

What comes after is beyond our vision.

A Basic Outline of the Transmutation of the Temple

1) All the World is in Communion with G_D.

2) The separation of G_D and the World occurs and the concept of sacred site is formed.

3) A mobile sacred site is established, restoring a portion of the World to Community with G_D that may be accessible to all nations.

4) A fixed sacred site is established to increase the earthly glorification of Communion with G_D so that all men might approach Divine Will and worship beneath.

5) A mobile figure in Communion with G_D embodies the sacred site and tears down its earthly representation so that Man might more completely approach Divine Will.

6) A host of mobile figures in Communion with G_D through the example of the One who came before embodies the sacred site and carries it within them throughout the World.

7) This host of believers carries within themselves the rejuvenated sacred site, sharing the concept with all they meet, thus reestablishing Communion with G_D throughout the World.

Matthew 18:19-20

19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”