It is human not to Know.

Unknowing comes from both Darkness and Light. In this present realm at least Unknowing is not a sign of Evil but instead is a sign of the Divine Unknowable. A resistance to the Unknown is fear and is a sign of the Void. The Void is where Evil dwells because it cannot stand to abide where mystery abides and so Evil hides away its unknowing, not in darkness but in the absence of darkness and light.

The Light is nothing but full. Sometimes there is so much to see in light that to see it all is to be blinded.

Likewise the Darkness is not empty nor does it pretend to be. Indeed, it fills itself with all the mystery it can muster.

Only the Void pretends to hold nothing and be nothing.

Only the Void closes its doors and sits with a stony face saying,

“No. There is nothing here.”

The sad fact is that the longer a Void postures so the truer his words become.

Once, Light and Dark were one and did not oppose one another but did their own complimentary works. It was then that certain knowledge was introduced to our understanding, the knowledge to split the spheres and remove ourselves from the original order.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil is this; one is not capable of evil till one recognizes the capacity for evil. With the capacity of evil comes the actuality of evil. One is not evil till the moment one knows oneself to be evil.

The fact is this; we cannot continue to operate within the concept of light and dark as right and wrong. It is simply that there will be facts we cannot know and we are not meant to know. We are not wrong for our unknowing. Nor are we wrong for our desire to know. The checkerboard floor is unavoidable. We must always make choices and we will never fully know the impact of those choices we make. But this should not stop our movement. It is not one path across the floor we must all follow and any mortal who claims to know such a path is not to be trusted. Neither is it that we must give up our right for choice to some pragmatic leader promising perfect guidance. I get ahead of myself.

The lie is this; our choices will never keep us from evil and so to accomplish anything we must neglect our sense of good and evil (disguised as the disparity between Light and Dark) and give our actions over to the impulses of some earthly (or even some seemingly other-worldly) master who claims to know the path.

Such a leader will strip away our choices while convincing us our choices lead us astray. Such an absence of choice will turn us to slaves against our will once will has been vilified.

There is a path; the straight and narrow we’ve heard so much about. What is this narrow path? How do we find it? I tell you; it is not one of feet but of faith.

The lie is so close to the truth I can hardly differentiate between the two. There must be some Master who exists beyond the Cosmos to guide us to the Truth. This Master is the Divine Will who guides us even as we feel unguided. This is the Divine Unknown and Unknowable for whom we have always and will always diligently search.

Even with this knowledge I find my faith tested but I must remember all is made possible with faith.

Once more I realize I know nothing about the nature of the universe nor the nature of humanity. However, I no longer fear to admit my ignorance. How else will I learn more of the Truth I seek?

I for one will not abandon what it is to be human even if I must experience the full force of the unknown.